Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fast Forward 9 Months

T Minus 3. We are 3 days until D-Day, March 4th 2014. Ironically, our D-Day should share some similarities to the actual D-Day. Both will have started in France. Both will have been one long, intense day. And the world won’t be same after either. The arrival of Marc Gunner Forster…

To start this journey off, I won’t bother too much with the pregnancy. It went pretty much as I would expect. To sum it up:

1)      my wife had back aches
2)      our fridge was always empty
3)      all baby classes and baby books were way more graphic and terrifying than necessary

So it’s all been about preparing for parenthood where watching all 5 seasons (111 episodes) of Modern Family in one month have been a life saver! I feel ready.

A special note to my lovely wife: you have been amazing; good spirits, productive, active throughout the last 9 months. You never cease to amaze.

My wife and my sister in law Christine at our Reveal Party...

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