Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mind Games Already

My favorite author is Michael Lewis, the genius behind Moneyball and Liar’s Poker. He writes with a wonderful blend of insight, perspective, and humor. As I embark into parenthood, I am reminded of his hilarious wisdom from his own experiences in his book Home Game. Anyone with kids or about to have kids, it is a must read because it is a fun read.

In one part of the book, Mr. Lewis discusses the ongoing mind games a parent and child play constantly. These games are laced with bribery, plea bargains, threats both vile and harmless, negotiating banter, bluffs, etc….a true struggle for power that would make Game of Thrones proud.

Gunner was slated to arrive Tuesday March 4th. Not only did he not feel like making his scheduled grand entrance, on Wednesday the 5th he decided to make the doctor feel like he was nowhere near ready to come as he has still not lowered towards the exit door. Not that big of a deal until Thursday the 6th at 3am when my wife woke up with contractions. Excited, we got up and ready to be hospital bound when my wife realized there was no consistency to the length or frequency of the contractions. So we wait…

55 hours later, the false labor continues. Mind games already….

The nursery awaiting Gunner's arrival, painted by Ayo Scott. So amazing...