Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Dilemma of Child Raising

6 days into life with a new baby…it isn’t all that bad.

Gunner cries when hungry so we feed him. He hates getting his diaper changed so we do that while he is crying. I got the diaper change routine down pretty quick…best time 3 minutes 36 seconds…and that’s with adequate circumcised penis care provided also. Then he sleeps until he gets hungry, farting out his gas in his sleep like a little frat guy. That’s fatherhood in week 1. Maybe my wife is having a more profound emotional connection and bond with our son, but for me, he is a little man with plan and he demands dad steps up…no weak links in our house.

Tomorrow Day 7 is the dilemma. Marc Gunner Forster was named for the following:
1)      Marc – In Memory of his awesome uncle who he does resemble a little. If he grows up to be even 10% of his uncle, this world will be super lucky and he will be a quite fantastic person.
2)      Gunner – Derived from our soccer loves, a) my favorite club is Arsenal, mascot the Gunners, b) my wife’s professional playing days were with the Fredericksburg Gunners, and c) my wife’s favorite team is Manchester United and one of their legends is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer “the Baby Face Assassin”…good strong Scandinavian name.

Tomorrow both Arsenal and United play. We have the kits for both teams. Unfortunately for me, United play first meaning United will be the first jersey he ever wears. Can I stomach that as an Arsenal fan? His uncle Matty is already plotting with my wife to convert him into a Red Devil! Oh the horror at the dilemma I find myself in!

Gunner wore both that weekend. Man United first on Saturday...

And Arsenal Sunday for the derby match....even celebrated with the boys...

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