Friday, May 2, 2014

And Now Some Fun

Gunner is now 8 weeks old, the monumental age where my wife and I decided to start sleep training our baby. Oh the joy…forcing an often miserably uncomfortable baby to sleep in his crib, in his room, away from his mother, out of her arms, on a cold mattress, surrounded by prison bars, replacing our voices with generic soft music, and all this for 8 to 12 hours stretches. Yay (in low and drifting tone)!

For this necessary evil, pray for us. As a nice treat, the week prior to is a nice trip to the beach for Gunner’s first road trip and vacation. He is meeting his cousin Drew for the first time who is only 3 weeks older than him. He will have his first swim, first walk in the sand, and first taste of Flor-Bama which will immediately be followed by his first tetanus and penicillin shots. Got to love the redneck Riviera that is Gulf Shores.

Gunner and his cousin Drew...

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