Sunday, May 25, 2014

Moving Along

Last week, I discussed the positive momentum of our child transitioning from “demon spawn” to “manageable chore”. Of course, I jinxed us and the next day was murder. But then back on track and there have some interesting developments this past week.

1)      Gunner is finally starting to develop enough stomach acids and enzymes to make food digestion no longer mimic an Oklahoma lethal injection. He now digests in relative comfort. This feat has also led to a substantial reduction in his poops, best described as “going through a small recession”. His 3 to 4 diaper bombs old productivity is now 1 or 2, but it is not close to a full market crash where there is any cause of concern.
2)      My wife had a birthday. Of course, we celebrated the day as much as possible without Mr. I Need to Be the Center of Attention. We went for a couples massage. I must say all new parents need to hop on this asap. Carrying that baby around tightens up everything in the back and shoulders and you need it relaxed out. Of course, just know that all that relaxation goes away in the next 24 hours of holding and carrying and swaying your baby again. But hopefully my wife had a great day.
3)      Gunner managed to watch the very entertaining Champions League Final without disruption…a vital moment in our relationship and I’m not sure we would have been able to recover if he ruined that viewing experience for both of us. Now we have 30 days of daily matches for the World Cup…gauntlet thrown down. Good luck buddy.

Warning: next week’s topic will cover a somewhat inappropriate topic of conversation but one I feel necessary to explore and report.

Watching Champions League with his buddy Maddox...

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