Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh Yeah

10 weeks old and we finally may have a human child! Until this weekend, I wasn’t quite so sure. Some days I thought “what a cute baby! we are so blessed” and other days were more like “where did this pterodactyl screeching thing come from?!?!” Most days I was convinced we ended up in some sci-fi supernatural psychological prison for our minds…a constant unrelenting swirl of chaos and pain with rare glimpses of hope and cuteness sporadically dangled to only create further despair.

Oh but what a baby Gunner is becoming. This weekend was a series of small victories for the parents that even made me happy.
1) Dad was able to rock him to sleep for the first time. Until now, he only slept with Dad if he was a) already sleeping when I got him or b) cried himself to complete exhaustion. New leaf: turned!
2) He put himself back to sleep when stirred. Until now, if Gunner stirred in his sleep, he woke himself up, then would be very upset that he was now both tired and awake, and he would let us know how unhappy he was. But now, he stirred, woke up, looked around, realized things were still kosher, and fell back asleep. Mountain: climbed!
3) He cried his first grown up tear. Oh yes, Gunner had a Disney cartoon tear drop roll down his cheek. Dad laughed. Mom photographed it. It was great. Our best guess, he was hungry and we were putting socks on him before giving him his bottle. Either way, he looked like a little dude and it was cute. Corner: turned!
4) Gunner had a nice little 36 hour constipation followed by a 3 diaper explosive poop. We knew it was coming soon and it could have been a whole lot worse. Crisis: averted!

It was a good weekend. Crying is diminishing slowly, eating is getting cleaner, sleeping is getting better and longer. Hopefully we can build on this positive momentum, keep things going in the right direction, keep learning and progressing and bettering ourselves….like normal human babies do.

Look at that tear...I mean, seriously...

 King sized bed all to himself, mom and dad on the couch...

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