Monday, May 12, 2014

Raising a Man with a Plan

So in the first 8 weeks of Gunner’s life, I have come to realize that my strengths as a father are in the moments of productivity with my son and not the “fluff”. Baths, feedings, diaper changes, story time readings with me are best described as transcending moments of joy and enlightenment. However, I do struggle with the fluff moments. Poor Gunner should not look to dear ol’ dad for his upset stomach, fighting sleep, acid reflux, etc. I don’t comfort as well as I produce results in the end game. With that in mind, Gunner and I are crafting his life game action plan. Note: Deviations are allowed only after unanimous approval from Mom, Dad, and all Kids residing at our house.

1)      Learn French and Spanish (doesn’t have to be fluent but have a good working knowledge)
2)      Play the Piano
3)      Play Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball until age 12 then can narrow down to 1 sport if desired (which sport is up for discussion)
4)      Ben Franklin High School Class of ‘32
5)      Stanford Class of ‘36
6)      He can pick his Grad School (assuming he picks wisely…no online schools)
7)      Can’t root for anything LSU while Les Miles is still there
8)      Will have to justify to Dad before not rooting for the Yankees and Saints and Pelicans. If he can  argue well enough, he can root for any baseball team that isn’t the Red Sox, any football team that isn’t the Falcons, and simply can’t root for any NBA team without approval
9)      No drinking until convinced he is smart enough to not die or kill anyone and no sex until convinced he is smart enough to not come home with a baby
10)  Taste in girls will be highly scrutinized which will make sure he respects all women for everything wonderful they offer (but really to avoid the hot but crazy ones!)
11)  No listening to brass bands for fun. Not worth it unless drinking in a crowd

This is list will grow and adapt as Gunner gets older until it molds into a fantastic little autobiography he can be proud of.

The looks of a man who knows what he likes and what he doesn't...

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  1. Man, how did I miss this post? So much material here.

    First off, BF class of 32! Jesus. Enough said.

    Second, the hot but crazy ones are the fun ones, and should be met while underage, hammered, at a brass band concert, just for kicks.