Sunday, June 22, 2014

First Father's Day

A few days ago, I celebrated my first Father’s Day as the father of our son. We have celebrated this day before with our dogs and cat which I find parenting our animals to be 1000 times more enjoyable and rewarding than parenting a baby. They listen, they play, they sleep, they pooh outside…it just works well for everyone. Gunner still does what he wants. But on a positive note, he does it when we say and what he wants is starting to become when we want. But for Father’s Day, my wife had some amazing gifts. Best of all, she drew a kid’s book about Gunner and I for us to read together at night and Gunner loved it! It is super cute and fantastic. It was a good day with the baby.

Also four days ago, Gunner started sleeping through the night from around 9pm and 6am. Of course, this sleep is in a nice safe fort-like area in the middle of our bed. But hey, sleep is sleep….I would never complain about this. He has also mastered the “Sneak In and Cuddle” that I know he inherited from my wife. He somehow magically throughout the night inches right up against me so I can’t move a muscle. My wife has been notorious for this since day one. My dogs and cat also learned this from her. This means that 2 humans and 3 animals somehow try to lay right up against me every night. And people wonder why I look tired all the time!

Gunner is also loving the World Cup. He is watching numerous games all day long, gazing with sheer wonderment and intrigue at the marvel that is futbol! He will definitely be on USA Team for the 2038 World Cup. He loves to chant with dad (when I say chant, I really mean grunt and drool at the same time) I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN for the USA men! GO USA!

Watching Arsenal win the FA Cup...


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