Sunday, June 29, 2014


So my wife informed me that I can add photos to this blog. So I have. Now every post has photos attached so you will have to go back and read them all again just to see the super cute photos.

Gunner is approaching 4 months old. He is loving the World Cup and the USA doing well so far. He has his second beach trip coming for the 4th of July. Hopefully, we will fair better than the first trip where we drove over 3 hours with an unhappy child (he hates his car seat) to basically do everything exactly how we do it at home just without all the cool stuff we have accumulated at home to make parenting easier. Fingers crossed.

We have been utilizing our swimming pool. We found that taking Gunner in the pool for some fun in the sun in the evening completely wears him out to sleep through the night. Yes you heard right. Gunner sleeps through the night, kind of. He goes down around 9pm and wakes up around 7am, kind of. He does wake up in between but he does not wake up to eat, which means he wakes up and requires a 1 to 3 minute soothing to fall back asleep. This happens 2 or 3 times every night but it is infinitely better than waking up to feed him for an hour in the middle of the night so we will take it! Next step: we are still waiting for Gunner to put himself to sleep. Can't wait for the day.

Best part of having a kid so far: last week my wife and I discussed getting all the awesome Disney and Pixar and animated movies possible to start a family dvd collection! How awesome does that sound?!? This is why people have kids. I watched Toy Story 3 again on Friday night (yes Friday night) and it was just delightful.

Gunner watching a cartoon on a Saturday morning of a leprechaun farting a rainbow...

Gunner in his Official USA kit for the World Cup...

Lounging in the pool...loving it...just get him a beer...

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