Friday, June 13, 2014

Too Cute

Okay so I know I stated this post would cover a racy topic. My wife talked me out of it. So instead, the last two weeks I have been a series of nice moments for our now three month old son. He cries less, sleeps longer, smiles more, and grabs stuff. That’s all. Some say that's monumental but I doubt Stanford will admit him on the "grabs stuff" essay he would write. They should admit him on looks alone, dashing redhead with a twinkle in his eye. I mean come on...once in a blue moon.

He has always been a “talker” so he is still yo-gaba-gaba all day long like he thinks someone can understand those grunts and huffs. He has always been a good looking kid, but his monstrous behaviors led to some reservation in bragging about him. But now, I am happy to say we can move him to the official “cute” title. He is a cute little guy.

Is he the cutest little kid around? Not yet, but he is still young and is close. He still has time to take the world #1 ranking. My current top five list of the world’s cutest kids under age 5 is as follows:
1)      My colleague Monique’s little girl. I don’t even know he name but she is so super cute that Disney should make a movie character out of her.
2)      My nephew Carter. He is simply the handsomest kid, better than all three of David Beckham’s little boys.
3)      My cousin Karen’s little girl Amy. She didn’t even like me for two of the three days I visited but her cuteness makes that not even matter.
4)      Gunner. Redheaded and Dangerous.

So as you can see, he is up there but has work to do. That’s okay because he has time. Much like the great Roger Federer at 21 years old, he was bounced in straight sets in the 1st round of the French Open by Luis Horda of Peru. He learned from the experience and won 17 grand slam titles over the next 9 years and has become the greatest tennis player of all-time. Gunner will learn, evaluate, work hard, adapt and improve, and should move up the rankings in time.

Gunner first Facetime with cousin Carter...

Carter at age 1 taking his Senior High School Graduation photo...

Cousin Amy picking blueberries...


  1. Good to see you back at the helm. Can't wait to meet the little guy.

  2. Gunner is the cutest kid ever!! He takes the crown.--karen