Thursday, August 7, 2014

Oh Snap

So exactly two weeks, we started our hardcore crib training for overnight sleep and like gangbusters it has been brilliant. The kid is 10-12 hours at night. He has an occasional wake up freakout around 3am but it rarely lasts past 15 minutes and only requires a couple of pop-in soothings for him to fall back asleep. And he is putting himself to sleep! Our time on the exercise ball has dwindled to nearly never! A huge shout out to the Wessel and James families for some helpful guidance and our foundation book 12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks Old. My wife and I will write our own book titles 10-12 Hours Sleep by 19 Weeks Old and We Didn't Kill Our Baby in the Process.

This new found peace and quiet has led to some unexpected benefits. The kid, being well rested, is in just a delightful mood all day long unless he is getting stabbed at the doctor's office for his shots or the 30 minutes before his bath/dinner bottle/bedtime when he is absolutely exhausted and hungry but we are trying to make him last a wee little while longer. Gunner has been a trooper in these small sacrifices for the good of the entire house...a lesson best learned early.

Playtime with his Lucha-dore...
His first snoball..
 Chillin post pool party...and not playing games either...

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