Sunday, January 4, 2015

6 Months

6 months for Gunner was the poor world of experimentation on our child's stomach. We decided early on that breast milk was a 6 month gig and then on formula to the 1 year mark. We also decided introducing real foods at 6 months (by real we mean pureed fruits and veggies). So as you can see, Gunner was going from a one thing diet to a wide variety. We did our best to make it manageable but not always successful.

The formula experiment...Rule 1 with formula: find one the kid likes and stick with it. Oh we failed here. The first formula we tried, he liked. We did ready to eat and for spit-up. He liked it. But for some reason, there was a need for us to do more. Why? I don't know. We are idiots. We did lactose,,, and we ended up back where we started. The poor child of course loved to vomit ENTIRE bottles during this month to teach us a lesson. Eventually, upon extensive research from my wife, we are set now on a formula that is made in Germany, bought in England, shipped from Wales, and all because "Europeans don't allow all this crap in baby formula that America does". I do feel a little ashamed when I watch Saving Private Ryan now but we got to do what we got to do. Tom Hanks forgive me!

The real food experiment: Fun. No Gerber or Whole Foods squeeze packs. Oh no my friend. Buy the fruit and vegetable, steam it like it was for dinner, blend it up puree, and store it. Organic....check, 100% natural...check, taste like nature intended....check. All fruits are a success. Surprise, he likes the sweet and sugary taste. He loves bananas at breakfast, and apples and pears the most. All berries and melons are enjoyed but not as highly as the aforementioned fruits. Veggies, not the same. Often we found ourselves mixing fruit in with the veggies to sneak them into that belly. He likes carrots and that is about it. Everything else needs help. Just that simple. With the real food, his pooh got real too. It is now nice and brown, a different smell, but still manageable  so no worries there.

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