Sunday, January 4, 2015

7 Months

October started sad. We had to say goodbye to Derek Jeter, our Captain, as he retired from the Yankees as the greatest shortstop to ever play the game. Re2pect.

After that we did the most daring thing we could think of..................................Halloween in Los Angeles. That's right, a trip with the baby. And not just any trip, a cross country flight. One week split between Santa Monica and Encino. So in speaking with others with babies as well, flying didn't seem like too much to fear. All in all, it wasn't that bad. Things I have learned.

1) Try to schedule flights so take offs and landings have a bottle the kid will take  (formula or water or anything he won't refuse) involved for the sake of his ears.
2) You can't bring everything and when you do, it's really annoying because you can't find anything, don't use alot of it, and hate lugging it around everywhere.
3) Buy what you can when you get there for when you are there, unless you're in the rain forest or a secluded island. In LA, they got it.
4) If something distracts your kid for extended periods, have it with you and armed and ready at all times. Gunner is entranced with the cartoon Diego, the cousin of Dora the Explorer who saves animals and does wild adventure sports to do it. Entranced may even be an understatement. He is glued to that showed. We use Diego for the car because he hates being in the car and car seat. He very much has a "no one puts baby in the corner" mentality. But on the plane, it was Diego to the rescue on the ipad.
5) The pilot is a huge a-hole when he gets on speaker while your kid is sleeping and wakes him up to tell us it is hot and humid in New Orleans. Thanks for the breaking news there Wolf Blitzer!
At the Santa Monica Pier.....
 On Venice Beach...

 Halloween....Viking time....

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