Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Gunner is now 10 months old. And since the last post, he is now pushing his boundaries, which mean he is pushing our boundaries. The wife and I decided like many parents that we need a baby safe room we can just shove the kid in and he can play with minimal opportunities to break things or break himself. While I suggested transitioning an extra bedroom, my wife convinced me it should be a room "we want to hang out in also". That room is now our living room....retractable gates at the doorways, outlet plug covers that Vin Diesel can't get out, and a floor rug the size of a minivan...and bam! we let him loose. So far, major success. No more crawling into mom's sewing studio of pins, tacks, scissors, and hot irons everywhere. It should get interesting when he starts walking and running and sees just how much force those mesh retractable gates can withstand. And with Gunner, his size makes him a force.

So before I get into the chubbiness of our child, I must also say that this past weekend was daddy son adventuretime. Yes, mom went away for the weekend to a baby shower, Friday night to Monday afternoon, and I even had a doctor's appointment mixed in. And like I told the doctor on Monday, "we both survived." Friday was the predictable cliche. He was pissy and wanted to wail cry instead of go to bed. Of course he would. But after the long drawn out bedtime routine that lasted 4 hours, we had a good time. The grandparents came over a couple times, we had some quality bro time with Maddox, and not another freak out or cry fest. So when Monday came, oh yeah we survived. I got to feel what it would be like as a single dad and oh my it sucks. I have spent the last couple days researching legal forms of indentured servitude and mandatory house arrests to ensure my wife can't ever leave us again.

Our Monday morning doctor's appointment confirmed what we already know. We have a huge and chubby child. 10 months, 30.5 inches long (93rd percentile) and 24.5 lbs (87th percentile). He already eats all types of fruits so we use a simple trick to get him to eat vegetables by just taking a half spoon of the veggie then a half spoon of the fruit to cover veggie up and he gobbles it all up. So far (knock on wood) he is eating everything we throw his way in terms of fruits and veggies. We are pleased. Our muscles are not. The fatigue of parenting is not just from lack of sleep but also from lifting and transporting chubby kids.

Bro time with Maddox...

"Working out, I don't know if you heard me but I did over a 1000. You like what you see? Don't act like you're not impressed. Welcome to the gun show."

Pulling up to his knees only (not the whole way up), but standing and holding on like a champ...

A little wiser: last month photo from doctor visit weigh in had Gunner perplexed at the number given. This month, he just slides the weight back down to normal...."no worries, we're good here. you didn't see nothing..."

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