Sunday, January 18, 2015

How Our DVR Describes Us as Parents

So I don't mean to brag but at an early age, I took a major step towards figuring out the meaning of life: The world is what it is and people will do what they got to do. Simple I know but that's life. Things happen, you do stuff....figure out how to make those work out well for you. That advice was free. You're welcome.

I consider this simplistic view of the world similar to my personality. While my reputation and many people may suggest otherwise, I really am indifferent to 99% of what happens. I like to poke fun, tease, and don't mind voicing my opinion on things, but I very rarely care one way or the other and will happily root for the outcomes to work out well.

So when I fell in love with my wife, it was simple. She was beautiful and she was funny. And that is all I really wanted; someone I would never grow tired looking at or talking to because both would always make me happy.

Now enter our DVR. My Shows: Soccer games, Modern Family. My Wife's Shows: ALL FIVE Real Housewives, ALL THREE Teen Moms, 16 and Pregnant, Chrisley Knows Best, Downtown Abbey, Little People Big World, the Little Couple, BOTH Khardashians, So You Think You Can Dance, ALL Project Runways, Guliana and Bill, The Mindy Project.

Study the lists above and think what this means for us as parents.

I am promoting activity, exercise, and humor. My wife is promoting is aggravating self discussion and poor communication skills. She also promotes her passion and profession with Project Runway, good humor with the Mindy Project, and I do like Chrisley Knows Best and the Dance show also. But the rest is crap.

So what will Gunner learn? From me, positioning and seeing the field is everything in soccer, and how to laugh and joke about our differences. From my wife, don't mess with Nene or trust Tamara, don't be poor and redneck and have a baby because that combination is brutal, Pre-WWII England is dull, Kourtney is never happy, and then there is laughter, creative fashion design, and impressive dance. Who will have a more positive influence?  We shall see. All I have to say is at least she is beautiful and funny because her taste in TV is pretty awful...except for The Mindy Project. That show is quite good.

Gunner update: 2 weeks after pulling himself to his knees,he is now pulling himself all the way up to standing. Not a pro yet but getting there. Now enjoy some GQ photos.

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