Monday, February 2, 2015

Our First Time Away from the Baby

Sunday: So at nearly 11 months, my wife and I had decided to have our first night where neither of us were with the baby going to bed or with him waking up, a truly momentous accomplishment. Gunner was going to stay at his grandmother's house with his aunt in town assisting as well. And here is his reaction when we told him.

Of course our evening sans bebe had "poor parents" written all over it. Upon ordering a lovely bottle of wine, I commented to my wife "I hope it's good. It's worth 272 diapers." We then proceeded to look at the baby the restaurant...over a bottle of Bordeaux and cheese board similar to our days in France that led us to this baby fiasco in the first place. Oh how it all comes full circle. As for Gunner, we have him on a nice routine so he did well (at least that's what we were told.) First run: success. 

Monday: My wife insisted on having a birthday dinner with my parents (2 days before my birthday) and when at dinner, my wife insisted on giving me my present (2 days before I should get any gifts). Knowing the futility of explaining the oddities with hopes of change when dealing with my wife, I opened my birthday gift and found a plane ticket to Puerto Rico departing in exactly 12 hours to be gone all week.

Immediately, two thoughts entered my head:
1) This woman is going to get me fired!
2) I am going to miss that baby of ours...

Tuesday through Friday: We flew to San Juan, enjoyed the beach and the sea, sailed around the island at sunset, walked the old town, my wife surfed or "surfed", realized Puerto Rican Starbucks is awful....and of course, video chatted with the kid and stalker watched him sleeping on the crib monitor any and every chance we could. It is not creepy, it is responsible parenting.

The sea from the beach...

The fort on the bay...

Some birthday sailing around the island...with the best wife ever...

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