Monday, April 13, 2015

With a Kid, Things Just Keep Coming

"I could think of nothing more fun than coming home and playing with my kids," a quote from my father. "Having kids is what it is all about," a quote from my boss. "I don't work all day to come home to you pooping in my arms," a quote from me. Clearly, my generation views parenthood slightly differently than the ones before me.

But seriously, twice in the last two weeks, my return home from work was a super cute baby, super excited to see me, walking across the room to say hi to me, being lifted in my arms in a loving embrace...then the bomb drops, the stank booms out, and my wife says "if you don't want to change the diaper, don't make him pooh." How does my arrival make him pooh? And do I have that effect on other people? I hope not.

But also in these last couple of weeks, we had Easter, my brother's birthday, Gunner's baptism, and a visit from his uncle, aunt, and cousin from Oregon....busy times but great fun. It is amazing with a baby how it seems like every couple weeks, there is a developmental milestone or a special occasion where how the kid reacts or copes is a somewhat big deal. As a parent, it is cool to wonder if your kid will take off his shoe and throw it at the priest or deacon when he pours freezing baptism water on his head. As a neutral observer, it's just a kid throwing a tantrum. Point: Parents. I love being able to say "I warned you. Never piss off a redhead ginger. Good luck. He hates you now", or "Great throw boy! Next time, bend your knees for more power and bend your back on your follow through for more accuracy". Every moment is a teachable moment.

For us, first came Easter. We went to the beach with friends. Gunner was great. Pool time, beach time, Easter egg hunt...just a relaxing good time.

Next came my late brother's birthday which was made a extra special with visit my brother, his wife, and son as it was their first visit since Gunner's arrival on this planet. Gunner's cousin Carter is 23 months and future baseball superstar. So it was nice for Gunner to be able to "play" a little stickball in the yard. "Play" is the only way to describe a stickball game involving 23 and 13 month old kids. I find it amazing how families change and evolve over time and there is always comfort when you can hold on to some of the pieces you hold dear. It isn't easy but there is no calm like it.

Last came Gunner's baptism. He was a little older than most kids at baptism, and mass ran a little later than scheduled, and the deacon rambled on, and we were well passed time for his nap, so it was safe to say that our child needed that exorcism and saving! He wore his white mostly feminine outfit well, managed the mass quieter than some loud girl in the front of the church, but the baptism ceremony, he was not having it. Anointing oils, no thank you, strange man rubbing oil on his chest and back of the head was a little too creepy for his liking. Luckily, he was so tired that he passed out asleep in my wife's arms half way through. He even barely woke up when the water was poured on his head and it was not a drop but a Niagara Falls rush. Good news, we made it through the ceremony, original sin is now gone so suck it Adam and Eve, you ain't bringing Gunner down with you!

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