Sunday, May 3, 2015

Baby Talk

A friend of ours made a comment, "I hope when I have a kid, a 3 year old pops out." A year ago, I would have agreed. In Gunner's first 5 months and as I am sure my blog posts would concur, I would not have wished child birth on anyone. I deep down was rooting for a mass sterilization of the human race so no one would endure the same hardships as us. While I know the "terrible two" phase is approaching and we are seeing small signs of its arrival, right now is surprisingly fun. Everything is either in a nice routine or an experiment that everyone is curious about. New foods, new toys, new people, new activities are all met with wonderment and not resistance. Now after the experimenting, things may or may not be accepted, but the adventure isn't a meltdown. It is cool. Hopefully, all kids go through this phase so we parents can also enjoy these experiences and we aren't going straight from "baby cranky" to "bossy cranky".

With Gunner approaching 14 months old, our efforts are focused on talking. We have currently determined a 5 word vocabulary, "mama, dada, yeah, naw, yum". "Mama" and "dada" are associated correctly but they are also his sounds of choice about most everything. The only words he says on his own and in context is "yeah" and "naw". It's great. If he wants something, we ask him, and he smiles and says "yeah". If we try to give him something he doesn't want, he shakes his hand, waves his hands to block us out, and says "naw naw naw." Need a visual.

Me: "Gunner, you want to wear this hat?" Gunner: "Naw naw naw."

Me: "Gunner, you want some yogurt?" Gunner: "Yeah."

Gunner's use of "yum" is only as a regurgitated word. It comes from Dora and Diego, "yum yum yum delicioso", and after we start eating, either my wife or I will say that phrase and Gunner will mimic the "yum yum yum" part. This phase of beginning to talk is fun.

But if you want to see some fun baby stuff, try to teach a one year old to snap his fingers. My wife has gotten Gunner fascinated with snapping and watching the adorable futility and joy of him trying to is just too funny and cute.

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And Crazy.Stupid.Love is a fantastically underrated movie while Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade never gets old....classic weekend movies on TV.

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