Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Kind Of" a Kid

It has been a month since my last post and in the life of a 15 month old, not much has really changed in the lives of Gunner or us as parents in that month. As my wife describes it, he is "kind of" doing things and "kind of" saying things. Basically, he is growing out of the baby phase and is now "kind of a kid". Now while unknowing strangers in public may think Gunner is just a "cute little red headed baby", little do they know he is just a little dude. And all the "kind of" things are pretty interesting to experience.

"Kind Of" Talking:
Banana: BA-AA-AA (he loves bananas so this sound is also performed at loud audible levels)
Diego: Da-O (which he will sing along with theme song)
Lucha: La-la-la-la (he just likes how he accidentally spits when trying to say the L)
Milk: Mic (good enough, we get it; also milk was never cool enough, mic sounds cooler)
Mama, Dada, Up, Bath, Yeah, Nah: all sound oddly close to real word

"Kind Of" Doing Things:
Gunner definitely knows a handful of letters, shapes, colors, and animals. Ask him to find a B in batch, or a circle, or something blue, or a duck and he looks like a Indiana Jones excavating the holy grail from the last crusade. Now while I would usually be a very proud father of his cognitive development, this is also the kid who is putting the inside tray of his potty-training toilet on his head like a top hat. Perspective. So like I said, he is "kind of" getting it.

"Is the gym that way or...I find it"....
 Water "Park" fun with buddy Maddox....
 Official 14 months....
 Official 15 months....
 Cheering the USA Women on at the World Cup! USA! USA! Also getting ready: Project 2036.
 Just had to run around in the rain....LOVED it....way too much....