Sunday, May 1, 2016

Linguistic Challenges

On to a 2 year plus near 2 month old and the biggest area of attention is clearly in the linguistic department.

At breakfast.
Me: "Seymour Butts? Really?"
My Wife: 'He said 'three more bites'."
Me: Oh.

In the morning.
My Wife: "I already fed Bagi (our cat, nickname for Baggio)."
Me: He said 'candy vitamin'."
My Wife: Oh.

And this carousel keeps on going my friends. Some things are eloquent and masterful, "moor cookie peas" or "hap birf-a to ooo" or " dada re a book". It isn't perfect but for early communication skills, it puts neanderthals to shame and gets us from point a to point b without the 'wait what was that again' look from me or the 'do you understand the words coming out of my mouth' look from him.

There is some true beauty in the unexpected responses such as; after is he tells someone thank you, 'I so seet', very modest and humble upbringing as you can see; or the need to express in 3rd person 'GG turn. GG go ow-sigh'.

There are also the signals crossing moments as he is learning contexts.

Me: "G, do you need to potty?"             G: 'no.'
Me: "Are you sure?"                              G: 'no.'
Me: "So should we go potty?"               G: 'no.'
Me: "So you're okay?"                           G: 'no. I pee pee.'

Or the common;
Me: "G you want chicken for dinner?"                            G: 'TV?'
Me: "You can watch TV while we eat. What do want to eat?"     G: 'Dada pho?' (phone)
Me: "That's fine. You can have it with dinner. What's for dinner?" G: 'Caw Wide?" (car ride)
Me: "Can we eat here at the house?"                    G: 'A-Me Hows?" (Raymi, his grandmother's house) Me: "She's out of town. Food boy! Focus!"         G: 'Dor-Wa?' (Dora)
Me: "Agh. Chicken tenders it is." And he clears his plate happily.

There are the mimic moments. Gunner drops a book trying to carry to Dad, 'O snap', or Me: "G look at this toy:, G: 'aw-sum'. The start of mimicking is easily one of the best parenting tools to date. Teaching politeness took a major boost when G started to be able to mimic. Say 'please' or 'peas', 'thank you' or 'ake oo', 'excuse me' or 'ozze me', 'sorry' or 'saw-we', 'I love you', 'hello', 'good bye', yum yum' when someone gives him food he likes, are all simple expressions that now are becoming standard and natural in his daily behavior. But in having more speaking interactions with others, it has improved his comfort to have more physical displays of politeness also. G gives more hugs, kisses, high fives to people than he did before. Before, he was the scared cat backed into a corner, he cringed when others approached, wailed when then made contact, and sometimes would even take a swipe. I totally support his desire for physical boundaries and with his redhair, he can't go out in public without multiple creepy strangers touching his head and commenting. But as his rockstar status and cult following grows, it's good he is calming down so he will be able to appropriate deal with the attention. Nobody wants him to have P. Diddy/Chris Brown reputation.

And now photos....

 Lollipops are one path straight to his heart....
 Mr. Michael and G playing with water squirts....
 "GG, we need to order breakfast. What would you like?"....
 Cookout fun with bro Maddox...
 Park fun with the Louisiana Philharmonic....
 Easter brunch with Papa G....
 Moments of joy come to inspire....
 Spring break beach trip just to lounge around....

 French class with cousin Drewsie and lady friend Lucy....

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